Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ebb and Flow

The pulse. The ebb and flow. The frogger-like intercity navigation.

"Don't make a choice! Make love to both of them!" A man calls at us.

Sitting in a Korean restaraunt. It's reminding me of China.. You can't hear the roar of the city here. Only the sounds of plates or bowls bumping one another and the multi-lingual voices of other customers. Korean music plays in the background. This is a quiet sanctuary tucked between dirty sky scrapers. We peer over a wall at a man mixing some Kimchi in a giant red bucket in the alleyway beside the restaurant. I don't know if he knows he is being watched... But we know he is...

Korean food is amazing. In fact Koreans in general are pretty amazing! The ones I was living with were pretty resourceful. If I was cutting the fat off some bacon or meat off a bone they wanted me to save it for them so they could use it for something! So I'd put it into a little bowl in the fridge, covered in Gladwrap. Maybe all Koreans aren't like this, but these ones didn't waste anything compared to the Aus people also living with us! Hey, maybe more people are like this than I realise.

My room mate broke her sandals pretty badly. She could afford to buy new ones but she chose instead to glue them back in place. It took her ages but eventually they we're as good as new. She only had two pairs of shoes. I think I might have eight. And I wear maybe.. three of those eight pairs?

You get the drift I suppose..

I'm back now in my Country town. You can see the end of it - the rolling green hills , their backs covered with vineyards, the damaged and repaired road winding it's way through Gumtrees and other trees - from the roof. Actually I might go sit up there now.