Friday, December 14, 2007

The Greenhouse

Maquarie Centre.. Christmas time. Everyone is plugged in to their Bluetooths or Mobiles or Mp3 players or Palm Pilots. In my case -- I'm plugged into this little internet cafe-island thing in 'The loft'. There is a huge shaded glass roof above me which makes me feel like I'm some sort of exotic plant in a greenhouse. Actually no.. I'm rather more like a plain garden-variety sort of plant who's just visiting.. and is sitting in a Greenhouse full of exotic city-slicker plants..

Actually it really feels like some sort of jungle in here. All the people, noises, smells... Shops shamelessly displaying their pretty colours and attracting customers with alluring mating calls... Anyway I don't know how I can have been wandering around for an hour and a half still NOT having found the ice skating rink... Thats seriously annoying.

I just visited a new store called 'T2' and it's AMAZING! Never have I seen so much tea and tea related things in my life. I'm currently drinking a sample of this cool African Tea that I can't remember the name of. It's in a small bright orange cardboard cup.

This is a silly blog post. I'd tell you all some of the things I'm overhearing people talk about around me but everyone is plugged in.. as I mentioned earlier.