Thursday, February 21, 2013

So I have like an hour to kill waiting at this freezing train station because I'm a silly head and misunderstood the time table.. I think it must be about 6 degrees, so different to yesterday! Today I'm trying to get to Arlington and would you believe that the town/suburb has no public transport at all? It's so strange for me, I'm so used to just being able to jump on a bus or a train to get somewhere.. Arlington says you can drive or catch a cab.  I'll just get as close as I can then get a can I guess.

Yesterday I went to the mall and got a Sim for my phone, I've been texting Aidan which is pretty cool, sounds like things are a lot colder up in buffalo!

I found these amazing products for sale in the inflight shopping magazine on the airplane.. I am writing thus on my phone so I'm not sure where it will attach the pictures.. Anyway, fingers are freezing, time to finish this and put my hands in my pocket.