Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mall of America

I'm sitting in a food court at the Mall of America, trying to have a cultural experience. I wonder how big this place is in comparison to the new Charlestown Square? No joke you guys there is an amusement park inside this mall..

I really like the place I'm staying at.. The host is super polite n helpful. There are two other guys there too who are helping him work on his house. One of them is like 50 and plays all sorts of instruments the other one is younger n does metal work stuff. Im excited to go to the 4th of July celebrations! Fireworks and stuff! Will try to take pictures..

Im so glad I don't have cash to blow.. It is kind of cool though, the range and choice is just so much bigger. I bet I could find the right pair of shorts here in no time.

Nothing to this post really, just sitting around feeling tired n over stimulated by all the sights n smells. The saturation of lies in this place is oppressive.

Anyway! Err back to it!