Monday, June 13, 2011

End Of Semester

It is the end of semester! This Friday I have a German exam and then I am free for a while! YAY!
Anywho, I wanted to take this opportunity to show ya'll some stuff I've got to do over the last half a year for various subjects at Uni.. Yehaa..

An abstract design using a typographic element
with an emphasis on dissonance and movement.

CD cover.. Rammstein

Another Cd Cover.. Harry Belefonte

B/W Newspaper AD for a 40's
themed nightclub event.

Poster for a 40's themed nightclub event.

For Typography.. A poster on the theme "Sign of our Times".

For Typography a lino cut Ex Libris

I realise that's sort of a random smattering of work with not a lot of explanation as to what I was 'supposed' to be trying to achieve.. But Ah well :) I like them! Maybe I will write some more details a bit later, I'm just a bit tired right now.


kimmmoi said...

Especially love lino cut Ex Libris and the Rammstein CD cover. You're all clever.