Friday, November 12, 2010

About three hours..

There are about three hour left of Uni for the year :) In little under an hour I will start my last (and only) exam and then I am done! I could be using these last valuable minutes to study but I would rather write a blog post..

The other day I made a RAD stamp. I was just about to take a picture of it to post up here.. But I just broke it. Now it says 'Ral" How annoying. I will make another one! Here it is:

Here is a pictographic representation of how excited I am about this exam:

And here is one of how I will feel after the exam:

Gosh.. Where did all those chins come from?

I actually wrote a song to help me remember stuff for this exam. I might upload it later so you can all enjoy it and get more educated.

I better go.


spindleshanks said...

you are creepy!

Dnae said...

did we ever finish watching Rad?

Hanwen said...

yes dane.. it is burned into my memory forever