Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I am sitting in sprocket in town enjoying a nice soy flat white. I am quite sure the rest of the customers must be quite annoyed at my constant coughing by now. I know I am sick of being so congested. I finally gave in and bought some cough medicine (thanks Mel).

I can't stop thinking about the face you can't help but pull when you cough.. It's funny that the concern that my face looks silly as I cough is more prominent in my head whilst I am in public than the concern that I could infect people.. Hah! That's pretty sad.

It is dreamy living so close to the uni now. I have been riding my bike to class :D It feels like utter luxury to be able to go home between classes and eat a meal/have a nap.

Another 'amazing' thing I have discovered decently is the game Harvest Moon. A pretty silly game but highly addictive. I think most of the joy in it for me is the sitting around with Mandie and Anneliese (sorry if that's spelled wrong) watching each other play, commenting on stuff (ooo jamie has three hearts for you!) and hearing one or the other of us say in turn "ok, just one more day then I'm going to bed."

I can't believe it's already almost halfway through semester. That's nuts.

Ok I think I'll be off now. Good pie!


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