Friday, April 16, 2010

Things I did

Hello campers!
I am at uni today. True story.

This week I have: had adventures with centrelink, a haircut, bought a stupidly big monitor, completed three assignments, eaten a baguette, got a killer pair of heels (as in for real they will probably kill me), seen my friend Kate, recieved back the only surviving product from my January recording session with Chris gilespie, had a nap with my rat, succeded in making the funny smell in my bathroom go away (it's not what you think), chased up various cornerstone course convenors about assignments that I have in fact handed in (I think), sung in Latin, officially sucked at drawing in perspective, had 2 awkward conversations with 2 seperate much loved friends, slept in... And um.. Embarassed myself in public numerous times (pushing doors that say pull.. That sort of thing).

So now it's Friday and I'm tired!


Jordan said...

Busy...what kind of haircut? You didn't undye it did you?

Miss you...