Monday, November 17, 2008


I went to a wedding a while ago. I remembered late that you're supposed to get dressed up nicely for Weddings. If you looked through my drawers you'd have a tough time finding anything dressy. Things actually classified as 'dresses' include:- a white bowls dress, a spotty wrap around thing that is too big, a cocktail dress with pictures of little chickens all over it, and a greenish dress depicting a jungle-ish sort of scene..

So I went and asked a friend for help. It was perfect. She immediately threw a pair of shoes and a beautiful dress it into my arms. I'd just finished climbing awkwardly into my outfit before she advanced on me with hoop earings. I had to re-pierce one of my ears myself.. I made straining noises like I was giving birth until the painful 'pop' sound of breaking skin announced I'd made it brutishly through. My ears throbbed while she applied eyeshadow, talking all the while, instructing me so I'd know how to do it for myself on the actual day. Luckily for me she said my hair would look just fine left out and not bothered too much.. But she gave me some sort of.. gel.. stuff if it needed any coaxing.

It was a beautiful wedding... At the reception everybody had a little tiny bell and they had only to ring it and the couple were obliged to kiss. What power!!! Almost too much for me to handle...

I got dropped at a train station afterwards. About 30 seconds after the car was out of sight I realised I didn't have my wallet. My phone was on one bar of power. I was very far from Home. I'll write out the full story some time.. But I basically jumped a few trains and a bus and walked an hour in the rain to get home.

The next morning the Taxi didn't show up to take me to the station to get on my train back to Cootamundra. I rang and ordered another one that pulled into the station 3 minutes after it left..So I missed it. And I'd just spent my last $10. Luckily friends of mine hadn't yet left Melbourne for Dubbo so I called them. They had an extra seat so I jumped another 2 trains and scabbed a lift.

On the drive my friend Laura and I talked about if it were possible to put bumps on the road that when you drove over them made sounds of different pitches. Like a big record.. And if you could.. could you make a song?

Thats all I'll write for now.